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SAT Travel, soon will be proud to offer you, your family, friends and your company, an excellent online booking system for cruises around the world.

If you like us to handle cruise reservations for you, please get in touch with one of our Sales Managers or send us an email message to: We would get back to you as soon as possible.

If you are thinking about an Incentive Program or even a Corporate Meeting or a Congress for your company or organization, SAT Travel will assist your company with MICE Travel Services, where cruises are included, of course.


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Before sending us your cruise information request, (Prices and Availability), please take a few seconds to review your cruise summary. If everything is fine for you, please feel free to send it to the Sales Executive or Information Department that you have chosen from our list. We would get back to you, within 24 hours after your request is sent to SAT Travel.

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For cruises to The Caribbean, we have attractive deals flying from Madrid, including additional airline, bus or train tickets to go and to return from the Spanish capital. You can even make a combination and enjoy this wonderful and friendly European city before or after you make the transatlantic trip.

If you are writing on behalf of a Corporate Firm, please be so kind to send us an email message to:

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Information Departmentinfo@sattravel.netinformation.sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530101Available
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Reys 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530103Available
Orlando Flores .·.o.flores@sattravel.netoflores_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530104Available
Argenis Loboa.lobo@sattravel.netalobo_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530105Available
Yolimar Angaritay.angarita@sattravel.netyangarita_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530106Available
Hery Ortizh.ortiz@sattravel.nethortiz_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530107Available
Haydee Rangelh.rangel@sattravel.nethrangel_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530108Available
Lisseth Avilal.avila@sattravel.netlavila_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530109Available
Rafael Rincónr.rincon@sattravel.netrrincon_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530110Available
Erly Osorioe.osorio@sattravel.neteosorio_sat+ 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530111Available
Francisco 34 - (91) 060.8230+ 1 - (305) 602.4530112Available
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We also highly recommend, that you get and keep in touch with our Executive Team that you already know in our organization. They will be able to assist you with your travel needs. If you do not have a dedicated SAT Travel Executive yet, please send us an e-mail message to: We would get back to you shortly.

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